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Win an IPAD 2 AND support education!

K so this post is a little different from the rest and I am DYING to win this ipad plz repost this to try and win for this really awesome cause!! 🙂

Did u know?

Every 9 seconds, another student will drop out of school. And 2,000 schools are responsible for 50% of the nation’s dropouts.

Here’s a little blurb about the GIVE Education program and what YOU need to do to enter to win the IPAD2:

P&G’s new campaign, GIVE Education, will increase awareness of the student dropout crisis in the U.S. and raise funds to help keep millions of students in school. On July 31, P&G will distribute its brandSAVER coupon booklet in newspapers across and country and for each coupon redeemed, P&G will donate $.02 to Communities In Schools, the nation’s leading dropout prevention organization. The donation is uncapped – so the more you save, the more you give.

I hope you’ll join P&G and John Legend in helping to “School the Nation” and keep more than 1,000,000 kids in school. Here’s how you and your readers can help!
• Use the tools in this digital toolkit to create posts about the program and encourage your readers to get involved.
• Join GIVE Education at for simple, shareable tools you can use to help the cause.
• One blogger who writes about GIVE Education by August 12, 2011 and includes the link to their post in the comments on this post on

Thanks for your support of programs that give back!

The team is not financially compensated by P&G for supporting GIVE Education, but P&G is providing the iPad 2 to the winner of this contest and also provided the 2011 Bloganthropy Award prizes and July Blogger of the Month prize. We’ll be at BlogHer and would love to tell you more about GIVE Education. Tweet us @bloganthropy or @buzzmommy!

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

As you probably know my last post was The Name of This Book is Secret, the next book in this series is just as hilarious if not more  than the first! If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is a story filled with mystery and secrets (and mysterious secret societies) that to not read after the first one would by a crime!!

In this story Cass learns a little about her past and makes a new friend. While she Max-Ernest and their new friend Yo-Yoji go in search of the homunculus, a two foot tall, five-hundred year old man born in a bottle.  During the story Amber unwittingly joins the midnight sun, meets the Skelton Sisters and goes to a concert with large sparkly sock monsters dancing around. Cass finds an odd object called the sound prism and she uncovers some secrets about not only about Terces but about her own past as well. So do Cass, Max-Ernest, and Yo-Yoji find the Homunculus? Is their secret mission a success? find out in If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

This book is a must read for all ages and also a great and funny family read!

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The Name of This Book is Secret!


Recently I have been reading a hilarious series, that is a complete secret! In this story Pseudonymous Bosch tells a funny tale that is, and is about a secret. Though the author lets a few details slip here and there he tells you to forget everything you hear. You may wonder why he doesn’t just not tell the story if he can’t say anything about? He answers this question in the story saying that he never could keep a secret.

In this story young Cass and Max-Ernest (not their real names for everyone’s protection) adventure to stop the evil Ms.Mauvais and Dr.L from figuring out the secret that our heroes don’t even know themselves.With the only help of a dead magician, Cass and Max-Ernest must do everything they can to save Benjamin Blake, A boy with Synethesia, a confusion of the senses, from the villains mentioned 44 words ago.(Ms.Mauvais and Dr.L) It takes many lies and the symphony of smells to find him, but Cass and Max-Ernest save Benjamin Blake…or do they? Find out in the book!

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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

As you should know my first post was Daniel X by James Patterson.  Recently, I received another James Patterson series.  This new series was Maximum Ride.  The first book is Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.This series is an absolute must read for all ages!

This series is about six kids, aged 6, 8 12, and 14, there are three 14 year olds. The main main character is 14 and her name is Maximum Ride, or Max for short.  The others are Fang and Iggy, the other 14 yr olds, Angel who’s 6, Gazzy, who’s 8, and Nudge who’s 12. All of these kids have special talents, but the one that holds together as a family was not a natural talent. All of them were tampered with by evil scientists and ended up only 98% human. Trust me, the other 2 percent has a big impact. The flock , as they call themselves, were all part bird, wings included.

In the first book of this thrilling series Angel is kidnapped by the evil scientists and taken back to the place where they were “raised” in dog crates before being saved by a not-as-evil scientist named Jeb. That place is called the school. Max, the leader, Fang, and Nudge were all flying to go save Angel when Max notices some guys ganging up on a girl down below. Max saves the girl, but is shot in the shoulder in the process. Later, Max comes across a house where the girl is standing outside with a dog. The girl’s name is Ella and her mom is a vet who helps Max. Meanwhile, Fang and Nudge decided to check out an address that was found by Nudge’s name on an official document hidden in a closet. Back home Gazzy and Iggy were under attack from erasers, which are half human, half wolf creatures. After almost being killed by enraged erasers Iggy and Gazzy flew away to meet Fang and Nudge. When Max gets to the rendezvous point they fly away to go save angel.

Will they save Angel? Will they all make it through this alive and in one piece? Find out in: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

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          Last night I read a captivating story called Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli. At first I thought I wouldn’t like a story like that(historical fiction) but I ended up loving it!

          This interesting story is about a young boy living on the streets in Nazi-infested Warsaw,Poland during a World War. In Milkweed you watch as a young boy grows up; from his first memory of stealing; to his last memory of being called Poppynoodle by his grandaughter.
           In the beginning of this story the main character with no definite name(having been called stopthief, Misha, Jack, Poppynoodle, and Dad) meets Uri after stealing some bread . This starts something in Misha’s(as he is called for most of the story) life for Uri becomes his friend and shows him around and how to steal with without being caught. In the story get to see Misha survive the cold streets of Warsaw, the tough and rough living in the ghetto where the jews are kept, and the pain of starvation and losing loved ones. Then you watch as he grows up and sees the war end, gets married, and lives happily to an old age only occasionally haunted by memories of when he was struggling to survive.
           I think that this book is a must read for everyone twelve and up. I wouldn’t suggest this to younger kids because some parts might be a litle bit scary like someone’s ear beeing shot off and someone being hung. These parts are few though and only add to the reality of the story. Once again this book is a must read!!!!!

In the beginning…

This is the first post of my awsome blog! Here is a little about myself ( If you don’t care sorry):

My pen name is Lili Readsalot

I love reading, acting, dancing, horsebackriding, drawing, and writing

My Birthday is June 16th and

My favorite color is purple

Well, my blog is going to be about my favorite books, some of your favorite books, and any stories I am currently thinking of. Each week I will write about a different book.

This first blog will review one of my favorite book series: Daniel X by: James Patterson.  This book is a great example of  what a great sci-fi writer James Patterson is. This book is (obviously) book one: The Dangerous days of Daniel X. This book is about an alien hunter fighting to protect the Earth. His name is Daniel. He jas some pretty awsome super powers. Daniel can conjure his dead friends and family so that they are actually there, he can create anything he can imagine, AND he can change anything to anything he wants. For example, Daniel can change himself into a tick or turn a motorcycle into an awsome high-tech car.

The story starts in Kansas where the worst alien on the planet  came and murdered Daniel’s parents when Daniel was just 3 years old. Though Daniel was only three at the time he was ashamed he didn’t fight that Alien to the death. As an Alien Hunter Daniel, now fifteen years old, has a list that can tell him which aliens are on Earth and which aliens need to be exterminated at the time. After trying and failing to destroy number six on the list, Daniel is captured by none other than Number Six, otherwise known as Ergent Seth. Ergent Seth takes him to Daniel’s home planet of Alpar Nok  which to Daniel’s surprise has been completely leveled by Ergent Seth. Daniel escapes while on Alpar Nok and runs away to try and find the people of Alpar Nok.

Eventually he finds two small, grubby children who take him to an underground city where what is left of the once great civilization of Alpar Nok now hides. There he finds what is left of his family and the truth about what happened to his dead friends, Dana, Willy, Joe, and Emma. After this he faces Ergent Seth and wins by turning into a tick, crawling through Seth’s ear to his brain and turning into a wooly mammoth. Therefore causing Ergent Seth’s head to explode.

This was the first blog post of Lili Readsalot. If there are any books you would like me to review please put them under comments below.      :):):):)!!!!!!!!!