In the beginning…

This is the first post of my awsome blog! Here is a little about myself ( If you don’t care sorry):

My pen name is Lili Readsalot

I love reading, acting, dancing, horsebackriding, drawing, and writing

My Birthday is June 16th and

My favorite color is purple

Well, my blog is going to be about my favorite books, some of your favorite books, and any stories I am currently thinking of. Each week I will write about a different book.

This first blog will review one of my favorite book series: Daniel X by: James Patterson.  This book is a great example of  what a great sci-fi writer James Patterson is. This book is (obviously) book one: The Dangerous days of Daniel X. This book is about an alien hunter fighting to protect the Earth. His name is Daniel. He jas some pretty awsome super powers. Daniel can conjure his dead friends and family so that they are actually there, he can create anything he can imagine, AND he can change anything to anything he wants. For example, Daniel can change himself into a tick or turn a motorcycle into an awsome high-tech car.

The story starts in Kansas where the worst alien on the planet  came and murdered Daniel’s parents when Daniel was just 3 years old. Though Daniel was only three at the time he was ashamed he didn’t fight that Alien to the death. As an Alien Hunter Daniel, now fifteen years old, has a list that can tell him which aliens are on Earth and which aliens need to be exterminated at the time. After trying and failing to destroy number six on the list, Daniel is captured by none other than Number Six, otherwise known as Ergent Seth. Ergent Seth takes him to Daniel’s home planet of Alpar Nok  which to Daniel’s surprise has been completely leveled by Ergent Seth. Daniel escapes while on Alpar Nok and runs away to try and find the people of Alpar Nok.

Eventually he finds two small, grubby children who take him to an underground city where what is left of the once great civilization of Alpar Nok now hides. There he finds what is left of his family and the truth about what happened to his dead friends, Dana, Willy, Joe, and Emma. After this he faces Ergent Seth and wins by turning into a tick, crawling through Seth’s ear to his brain and turning into a wooly mammoth. Therefore causing Ergent Seth’s head to explode.

This was the first blog post of Lili Readsalot. If there are any books you would like me to review please put them under comments below.      :):):):)!!!!!!!!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ClumsyCarpenter
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 13:10:11

    My only experience with the James Patterson books are the Alex Cross series (Along came a spider, Kiss the Girls, etc).

    Love those books, and actually this reminds me I should get back into them.

    Good luck on the blog!


  2. Ava
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 20:17:00

    Great blog! Please review something where the character’s head doesn’t explode – gross!!!


  3. ClumsyCarpenter
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 13:04:29

    This is too funny. I was in the library yesterday, and remembering this blog post, I decided to head over to the James Patterson section to find another in the Alex Cross series. Couldn’t find any, so I picked up “Daniel X”. I had forgotten that I read about it on here, and it’s not the same one you read. But I am about 100 pages in and it’s not what I expected at all. I have no clue where mine is in the whole series (which I wasn’t aware it was a series), but in the one I’m reading he’s going after number 5.


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