Last night I read a captivating story called Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli. At first I thought I wouldn’t like a story like that(historical fiction) but I ended up loving it!

          This interesting story is about a young boy living on the streets in Nazi-infested Warsaw,Poland during a World War. In Milkweed you watch as a young boy grows up; from his first memory of stealing; to his last memory of being called Poppynoodle by his grandaughter.
           In the beginning of this story the main character with no definite name(having been called stopthief, Misha, Jack, Poppynoodle, and Dad) meets Uri after stealing some bread . This starts something in Misha’s(as he is called for most of the story) life for Uri becomes his friend and shows him around and how to steal with without being caught. In the story get to see Misha survive the cold streets of Warsaw, the tough and rough living in the ghetto where the jews are kept, and the pain of starvation and losing loved ones. Then you watch as he grows up and sees the war end, gets married, and lives happily to an old age only occasionally haunted by memories of when he was struggling to survive.
           I think that this book is a must read for everyone twelve and up. I wouldn’t suggest this to younger kids because some parts might be a litle bit scary like someone’s ear beeing shot off and someone being hung. These parts are few though and only add to the reality of the story. Once again this book is a must read!!!!!


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  1. Sarah Peppel
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 20:37:27

    Keep it up!!


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